testosterone & growth hormone therapy

February 10, 2014

recomp medical hormone therapy


why hormone therapy?

As we age, our bodies decline with the accumulated wear and tear of the stresses of our modern lives. From our contaminated food and water, to excessive physical exercise/sport, to the psychological abuses of lawyers/government/spouses/children/business/customers etc etc. One symptom of our chronic self-abuse is sometimes our major hormones rebalance sub-optimally.

Hormones do not determine our lives or our bodies; our actions determine our lives and our bodies. If our hormone balance appears less than ideal, the fault is virtually always ours; and the problem is what caused the hormone levels; not the hormones themselves.

Despite what is inferred by the mainstream media and most anti-ageing practices, the human body virtually never conspires against itself to become fat, weak, tired, sexually dysfunctional and depressed. Lethargy, low-libido, fat gain, poor exercise recovery and depression maybe contributed to by sub-optimal hormone levels; but the cause will almost always be lifestyle choices. The ideal solution is not to medically fix your hormones. But sometimes the ideal solution is not an option.

Unfortunately, the priority of most doctors is for us ‘cope’ rather than ‘thrive’. “Health” is even defined as “the absence of disease”; not the presence of peak energy, strength, acuity and motivation most of us think of. So even though our degrading health looks like a disease, acts like a disease and progresses like a disease, most of the medical community do not believe it should be treated like a disease. Their attitude is that declining mental and physical form and function is ‘normal’ and so you just have to suffer it.

At Recomp Medical we have higher expectations of life. We do not believe that your physical and psychological health needs to follow the downward spiral of your hormones if it is readily treatable. And the questionable ‘risks’ doctors claim about maintaining optimal, normal hormone levels can still be preferable to the certain destruction of our health that comes from doing nothing.

hormone therapy: unnatural risks?

Hormone therapy is not about using unnatural ‘drugs’ to force unnatural metabolism. It is about restoring your naturally occurring hormones to their optimal levels within the accepted, ‘normal’ range.

With optimal balance of testosterone, growth hormone (GH), estrogen, T3 thyroid with reverse-T3 etc, your entire body functions as it should and as it has in the past. Your immune system may be rejuvenated; your energy levels may be restored; the positive strength and endurance adaptations from your training can return; fat loss may be accelerated; sex drive and function can be improved; even stiff joints can often limber up.

Coupled with a properly structured diets and strength exercise program from a Body Recomposition Specialist, up to 4x faster body recompositioning results have been achieved.

getting hormone therapy

Hormone therapy starts with a comprehensive blood test covering all of your hormone, blood, organ and health markers. Our Consultants then perform a thorough interview and give you a detailed explanation of how your entire system is functioning and whether there are possibilities for ‘optimisation’ of your hormone balance.

Our doctors may then prescribe medications (including testosterone and growth hormone) as required to adjust your hormones to the optimal level within the ‘safe’ and ‘normal’ range. However, our reference is the optimal range at 30years of age. So treatment is specifically for people 35+.

Our Hormone Balancing medicine involves precise measurement, pre-planning and ongoing reassessment to ensure you are always at peak health and moving toward your specific goals.

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