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February 02, 2014

recomp hq personal training

beyond personal training

At Recomp HQ we teach the highest level of training skills for the most rapid, unlimited training and body progress on our programs. Our Coaching service is focussed entirely on teaching you how to train to the limit of your physical capability, safely and consistently, for the most rapid and open-ended body transformation from your Recomp Program.

Our service is high performance Coaching; not personal training for ‘fitness‘. We do not sell ‘motivation’ to train. We do not give rehabilitation exercises (ie core stability, functional fitness, swiss balls etc) to able-bodied people. We teach you how to train for the most rapid and limitless fat loss, muscle gain and strength development.

Ironically, while personal training is entirely generic, our coaching is entirely personal. Instead of obsessing about exercise form for form’s sake, we obsess about every element that contributes to you achieving your maximum performance on each exercise. By forcing your body to perform closer to the limits of its capacity, you body is forced to increase its limits by changing; shedding fat and building muscle at a rate and extent you could not imagine from personal training.

Forget everything you’ve seen or heard from personal trainers in studios. What we teach you in just one workout will change how you train forever.

recomp hq coaches & facilities

Every Coach and Consultant at Recomp HQ is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach and has multiple Australian Powerlifting Records and/or bodybuilding titles. Unlike Personal Training, we know how to train for real, substantial, measurable strength and body change! Unlike so many strength athletes, we know how to combine training with Recomp Nutrition to achieve low, low bodyfat!

Our Coaches teach you to train in our private Coaching studio. The Coaching studio is an entirely separate studio to our private Clients Gym so there are no interruptions or distractions. The studio is fully equipped with our custom designed Recomp Series Equipment so there are no compromises.

coaching costs

Our Coaching is performed one-on-one for at least an hour per session in our private Coaching studio. Remember, we only coach clients on our programs. Prices below:

recomp-hq personal training pricelist

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