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February 11, 2014

custom studio training program

Our weight training programs are custom prescription of every weight to lift on every exercise to achieve your muscle and body composition goal.

Before we create your studio training program we measure your body composition and do a strength test. We then calculate exactly how strong you need to be to have the exact body composition you desire. The math is simple and obvious but the concept is revolutionary. Recomp Specialists are the only people in the World who do it.

train hard; not much

Strength is the only physical performance attribute that corresponds directly to muscle mass and bodyfat (ie body composition). So strength is what we train for.

Our programs are designed for measurable strength improvement on every exercise at every workout. Such progress is generally achieved by training only 2-4 days per week with limited volumes of work (though there are exceptions). Training loads build and change at every workout. And every month is an entirely new training program structure, built from the ground up.

Beating multiple personal best performances at every workout is extremely demanding but hugely satisfying. It makes training purposeful instead of punishment. It also makes every workout an objective measuring tool for the success of your training.

recomposer training software

Your program is delivered via our online Recomposer software which is designed to work on your smartphone in the studio. The software calculates the exact reps you need with the prescribed weight for maximal progress on every exercise at every workout. There is no guesswork and no ambiguity. You know exactly why you are at the studio and exactly what you need to achieve. It truly transforms the way you look at training.

no cardio

Aerobic/endurance exercise (ie cardio) is famously detrimental to strength training progress. We have measured over 80% reductions in the rate of muscle gain with over 40% reductions in the rate of fat loss in clients who have maintained just 90 minutes (or more) of ‘cardio’ per week.

At Recomp HQ, not only do you not need to do cardio; we urge you not to. Ever! By focussing purely on your strength training you will get stronger and leaner, faster, while eating more and training much less!

monthly programs

Every program, every month, is a radically different structure to the last to keep your body improving as fast as possible. Within each month the training loads progress from lighter weights at the start to heavy loads at the end. While no two workouts are ever the same, every workout is measured against your previous performance using the 1-rep-max calculators built into the Recomposer software.

think different

We have a unique philosophical perspective on training. Quite simply, a leaner and/or more muscular version of yourself has the ability to beat you in the studio! Specifically that means the ability to lift heavier weights (or the same weights at lighter bodyweight). So we measure the only relevant metric that corresponds directly to your goal body: strength! Then we train to achieve it. Simple.

You don’t need to worry about how fat is burned because it has no relevance to how you train and diet to become a lighter (or heavier) and stronger athlete! As the t-shirt says: shut up and train! The confusing biochemical processes inside your body take care of themselves.

Every Coach and Consultant at Recomp HQ has set Australian Records in Powerlifting and is a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA). Unlike Personal Trainers, we walk our talk and know how to achieve the highest levels of strength performance for ultimate body composition.

training program costs

Our programs start at $129. Or for just $59 per week you can get our full diet and training program service including weekly body composition tests and diet adjustments. Or you can get a new custom program every month plus access to the Recomp HQ 24/7 Private Gym in Melbourne CBD from $59 per week. Coaching extra.

As every program is custom written, please contact us to discuss whether our programs are suitable for your needs… 

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