recomp hq diets

January 31, 2014

recomp hq diets

custom diet prescription

Recomp HQ diets are a precise, custom prescription of every gram of every food to eat to achieve your personal body composition goals.

We build your diet in direct consultation with you so that it suits your preferences while meeting our nutrient targets. We explain your options and calculate quantities. You choose what you prefer to eat and when.

Our diets involve lots of food, no starvation, massive energy, no cravings. And combined with our no-cardio approach to training, you enjoy the rapid fat-loss with concurrent muscle-gain that personal trainers claim to be impossible!

Ideally, we also measure your body composition changes every week to make regular, intelligent diet adjustments as part of the diet service. For you to keep to keep changing, your diet must keep changing. Basing the diet changes on your measured body changes is the only logical and objective method.

diet different

We have a unique philosophical perspective on diets. While everybody else recommends starvation and malnourishment to destroy of the body you have, our focus is on providing the nourishment to create the body you want! Fast!

Every Coach and Consultant at Recomp HQ is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). Unlike Personal Trainers, we know nutrition and can legally write diets! Unlike Dieticians, we know what you need to eat to gain muscle while losing fat from your training!

We are not zealots of a dietary religion such as Paleo, Zone, Pritikin or Intermittent Fasting etc. Depending on the person and circumstances we might recommend a high protein, high carb, high fat or isocaloric diet? All we ask is that you follow our prescription with consistency so that we can measure the result and make intelligent adjustments for incredible results. If you change the foods you eat everyday, its impossible to tell you what to change for a different result. Its that simple.

recomp hq diets costs

A Recomp HQ diet is $129 or just $49 per week for the full diet service including the weekly face-to-face (or phone to interstate) reassessments, progress analysis and prescription alterations.

For just $59 per week you can upgrade to our full diet and training program service including the weekly reassessments. And for just $20/wk extra you can get 24/7 access to train yourself in the Recomp HQ Private Gym.

As every diet is custom written, please contact us to discuss whether our diets are suitable for your needs… 

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