Recomp HQ Client Transformation: Benson Milgate

Benson Milgate added 18kg of muscle to his bodybuilding champion’s physique in 2 years with Recomp HQ to win the New Zealand Grand Prix Super-heavyweight bodybuilding. He achieved his best ever competition condition with zero aerobics while setting training records all the way to contest day.

benson milgate recomp transformation

light-heavy to super-heavy in better condition

Benson Milgate is a popular Australian amateur bodybuilder who came to Recomp HQ to take his physique and career to the next level.

Using Recomp methods, in 2 years Benson added almost 20kg of pure muscle to his already Nationally ranked bodybuilders physique and 100kg each to his squat and deadlift.

We meticulously plan Benson’s diet and training all year round. Every gram of food and weight he lifts is pre-planned and measured for progress without waste. Unlike the majority of competitors, Benson – like everybody with Recomp HQ – has carbohydrates always making up a meaningful percentage of calories, calories never drop low, aerobic exercise (“cardio”) is absolutely never employed and weight training volume is never high. As a result, Benson has fans around the world staggered by his radical training (by bodybuilding standards) and incredible, rapid, ongoing progress and year-round low bodyfat.

The pre-contest phase is scarcely changed from the off-season. We follow the same process of weekly measurements to make dietary adjustments. And training is still focussed on improving maximal performances at every workout.

Benson is an exemplary ambassador for the Recomp method and proves what can be achieved through constantly measuring and assessing your body composition to make informed, intelligent nutrition and training adjustments.
Benson Milgate Recomp



  • Recomp HQ starting off-season weight: 95.6kg, Muscle: 88.9kg, Body fat: 6.7kg (7%). Height: 187cm.
  • Competition: 90kg

Initial Recomp HQ Strength Test:

  • Squat: 180kg
  • Bench Press: 130kg.
  • Deadlift: 210kg.


Stats: Off-season Weight: 114.9kg, Muscle: 107.1kg, Body fat: 7.8kg (6.8%). Height: 187cm.

Best Training Performances:

  • Squat: 220kg x 14reps = 306kg max.
  • Bench Press: 180kg x 4reps = 200kg max
  • Deadlift: 260kg x 6reps = 306kg max