private 24/7 clients gym

February 02, 2014

private not public

At Recomp HQ we have 2 fully equipped, private gyms. One is our coaching studio. The other is a private gym for our clients on our programs to train themselves.

Our private gym is better than any public gym for following our programs. There are no members to compete with for equipment. No personal trainers to harass you. No awful commercial radio. And we designed the incredible Recomp Series equipment specifically for our style of training.

Unlike public gyms, our business is not selling memberships. Our business is providing the professional body recomposition services that serious clients cannot find from public gyms or personal trainers. Unlike public gyms, we have a vested interest in you achieving your body recomposition goals.

superior everything

No matter who you are, at Recomp HQ your training progress will never be limited by equipment shortcomings.

The equipment is all our own custom-design, world-class, over-engineered Recomp Series equipment. There are thousands of kilos of weights. The barbells are top-of-the-line competition-rated bars. The dumbbells go up to 100kg. The pulley stacks go over 200kg. There are multiples of every piece of equipment you need and nothing that you don’t. Its deliberately beyond anything any client should ever need!

There are iPads mounted on the walls to access your program in our Recomposer software. We’ve put biometric access (fingerprint scanner) on the front door so you can let yourself in to train when you need to train, 24/7. You can even play your choice of music through our premium Bang & Olufsen speakers using Pandora on our iPads.

The only other people in the gym are a select few, like-minded Recomp HQ clients. They respect and understand your training because they are there training with the same focus.

The training environment is superior to any Public gym. The black of the walls. The exposed, smashed brick. The heavy duty equipment. The support of every person in there to train your hardest. Recomp HQ is definitely not another generic ‘fitness’ centre. In every way, on every level, it is a place to train seriously.

In short: at Recomp HQ your training will never be limited by the limitations of our facilities. It is the ultimate no-compromise training facility!

get access

To use our private gym you don’t buy a membership. There are no memberships. You only need to pay for access in addition to the training program service. You need to:

  1. be using our program and diet service
  2. achieve at least a level 3 on our Quantum Performance calculator at your strength test

NOTE: access fee’s apply. +$20/wk or +$100/mth on top of the program and diet service.

Contact us to discuss your needs and whether our facilities are for you?