Recomp HQ: "Transformations"

benson milgate recomp hq transformation

Recomp HQ Client Transformation: Benson Milgate

Benson Milgate added 18kg of muscle to his bodybuilding champion’s physique in 2 years with Recomp HQ to win the New Zealand Grand Prix Super-heavyweight bodybuilding. He achieved his best ever competition condition with zero aerobics while setting training records all
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Ingrid Barclay Recomp

Recomp HQ Client Transformation: Ingrid Barclay

In one year Ingrid achieved her dream of stepping onstage, winning first place, in her best ever condition, still full of food, still eating carbohydrates, never doing a minute of aerobics, and so strong she won a string of Powerlifting titles & records on the lead

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